Since 1986 Port Melbourne Neighbourhood Centre Inc. has been regarded as a major community resource for local residents. After extensive renovations that took more than two years to complete, the House moved into the new building in late 2004. The Neighbourhood Centre is now housed in the Liardet St Community Centre along with a number of other community organizations.

The communities of Port Melbourne, Garden City and South Melbourne have experienced much urban development and gentrification over the past 15 years. Port Melbourne and South Melbourne in particular has experienced large scale medium and high density housing construction in Beacon Cove and Southbank. This has meant a huge influx of people into Port Melbourne and surrounding areas and a population explosion.

The Neighbourhood Centre has developed a range of activities and programs targeted to meet the needs of this changing and diverse community. We especially try to cater to the needs of disadvantaged residents. Over the past few years the Centre has been responsible for innovative programs such as:

  • Port Melbourne Carnival

  • City of Voices Community Theatre

  • The Get Out of Town program (a holiday excursion program for disadvantaged families)

  • Recreational groups for socially isolated people with disabilities

  • Dig In Community Garden

  • The Port Melbourne Community Festival

  • Exercise and health promotion activities

  • Adult education classes funded by ACFE


PMNC is managed by an elected Committee Of Management representing the local community. Current committe members are:

Anne Garrow (Chairperson), Carolyn Fitzgerald (Deputy Chairperson), Nick Capes (Treasurer), Michael Halls (Secretary), Amanda Watkins, Jill Wain, Steve Pennells, Deborah Mann.


Our staff and volunteers come from many cultural and professional backgrounds. We speak over 10 different languages and love to work together and learn from each other.


Our current volunteers are: Christopher Ellard, Stacey Hanley, Stephen Pennels, Rochelle Bell, Jason Curry, Bill Tsialtas, Tyrone Glewis and Deidre Wild.


If you would like to know more information about becoming a volunteer or about any potential position vacancies, contact PMNC today on (03) 9645 1476


Become a volunteer and help ‘bring the neighbourhood to life’ at Port Melbourne Neighbourhood Centre.