Discover Yourself

‘Discover Yourself’ was an innovative PMNC and ESNLC project that worked one on one with learners who face multiple barriers to learning and employment. The project also developed  resources for practitioners/teachers who work with disadvantaged/disengaged learners and is available here now.

‘Discover Yourself’ benefits:

Learners: through mentoring, coaching and being linked to appropriate training, participants learners affirm their existing skills and engage with new learning experiences to achieve short and long term goals. By working at the stage appropriate to them, learners will experience more learning success.

 Practitioners & Teachers: An Individual Learning Plan as well as a Practitioner Guide to Working with Disadvantaged Learners, will both call on the principles of the Stages of Change (SoC) – a transtheoretical model of behaviour change - to measure a learners readiness for change as well as measuring learning achievements so that participants experience learning success.

A learner begins their ‘Discover Yourself’ journey through an initial conversation with a learning coach to acknowledge past experiences, present skills and potential learning pathways.

'Discover Yourself' was a joint project of Port Melbourne Neighbourhood Centre and Elwood St Kilda Neighbourhood Learning Centre. The project was funded through an adult and community further education (ACFE) Capacity and Innovation grant.


Ready for Change Image