Community Research


Voices of the South Side  (VoSS) Services for organisations

VoSS offers a suite of courses and training workshops for government and community organizationsas a part of a small social enterprise that has been developed over 10 years.

The graduates of our program are trained in communication, public speaking and advocacy skills.  They are skilled at using their knowledge and personal experience to educate the community and health workers, advocate on behalf of behalf of others and contribute to policy.

In addition, they are trained as community researchers who can collect information as peers from different groups that can be seen as traditonally difficult to engage.


“Speaking Out” Course

 An eight week course that teaches students from marginalised backgrounds how to communicate with confidence and find their voice.  Participants learn about communication styles, professional behaviours, how to behave in meetings, public speaking and how to advoacte for themselves and others.


Community Research Course

A four session course that teaches people how to design and conduct surveys, interview and engage with people from all backgrounds. There is a strong emphasis on safety, professional behaviour and how to manage personal reactions in confronting situations. We run courses for organisations who want consumers to conduct surveys for their organisations and collect data for evaluation purposes. This includes providing workshops for two local Councils to collect data for their Health and Well Being Plan and a local organisation collecting initial data in order to plan a five year health promotion project.


Community Researchers

 Our graduates are employed to reach populations where they are more likely to give honest feedback to peer researchers. In addition to the eight week Speaking Out course, they  complete the Community Research Course as outlined above. They are confidient to go to places where professionals may feel uncomfortable or too conspicious.  VoSS can help to create the surveys, give feedback on what techniques would work to engage marginalised populations, do scheduling and pre and post debrief sessions.  Our reserachers are ready to work at very short notice.


“Our Voices In Action” Consumer Awareness Workshops for staff

 Our graduates have helped to create and facilitate a fun and innovative workshop designed to encourage government and community sector staff reflect on their own practice through hearing the experiences of service users. 


For more information please contact Robyn on or phone 9645 1476.